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Using Python to analyse weather data from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration
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Python: parsing web content for a recipe book

In one of my first coding projects, I use Python and the Spoonacular API to create a program that shows users recipes from the web based on what they have in their cupboard and their dietary requirements. It then displays the recipe information and instructions.

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Comparing US baby names

Here I analyse the US Social Security Baby Name catalogue, which reports the name given to male and female newborns for every year since 1880. I need to load all the tables and concatenate them in a single data frame. To avoid confusing data from different years, we can prepare the individual data frames by adding a new column…

Python: parsing web content for a recipe search

Spoonacular API is food and recipes API, allowing you to scrape web data from an online database with hundreds of thousands of recipes, products and ingredients. Using Python, I wrote a script that takes user input (what ingredients do you have? What are your dietary requirements?), sends a request to the API, and then returns…

Turning property fund data into soup

The Python programming language can scrape information from a web page (a HTML page). Here, I scrape the table element from the performance data page provided by the Associate of Real Estate funds. This index shows the performance of property funds across a quarterly basis; here I look at the quarter ending March 2020. Both…

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